Don’t Look Back

I keep in mind a handful of inspiring life sayings that act as guides to live by. They capture the essence of who I am, my philosophy of living, and insights into the art of living.

“Don’t look back, something may be gaining on you” (Satchel Paige) is one of the inspiring life quotes that guides my life.

Satchel Paige is famous for his extraordinary athletic skills which continued even as he aged into his seventh decade.

Don’t Look Back

SatchellPaige_6133961839_a134206747_zTo me, “Don’t look back, something may be gaining on you” reminds me to keep a forward looking perspective, learning from the past but not dwelling on it. Every runner knows that looking back slows you down. The same can be said for life—looking back slows your forward progress.

I strive to keep a mentality of moving forward until I no longer can. In a big-picture-of-life sense, this means keep doing what I do, keep living my life, and keep moving toward my goals until something catches up with me and changes my direction. Ultimately, that something is death, but along the way we’re all familiar with the unexpected events and circumstances that show up when we have other plans.

In a smaller sense, and less morbid, this life quote tells me to keep focused forward, eye on the goal, open to the opportunities, and welcoming the experiences to come. Little is gained from the past other than what we can learn from it and apply to the future. Ruminating on past failures and regrets simply uses time and energy better used for accomplishing something positive.

Looking Back Can Be Helpful

On the other hand, “Don’t look back,” if followed literally, can rob me of the renewed joys of recalling past successes and joyous moments. I often forget to revisit these pleasant memories, and that’s something to work on for the future, as recalling past successes can be a big confidence booster and a reminder of approaches that have been successful.

What are your favorite life sayings? You may not think you have inspiring thoughts to live by, but I’ll bet you find yourself often verbalizing the same phrase in response to some life event, something similar to my “don’t look back.”

Sources: Image courtesy Flikr user renaissancechambara CC Attr. Lic.

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