This is Your Life

This is your life. A short four word sentence, but a powerful one. This sentence was the name of a popular TV show which aired from 1952 to

This is your life graphic
This is your life!

1961. The TV “This is your Life” was a kind of visual scrapbook for a celebrity featured as a surprise guest. People and photos from the past brought into sharp focus in a very public way the guest’s life history. Interesting to watch and entertaining, but a scrapbook of life is not what I  have in mind now.

This is Your Life

I’m thinking of this simple sentence of four words and the powerful meaning it can have when I allow myself to focus and reflect on it. Depending on which of the four words I emphasize, the meaning subtly shifts.

When I emphasize the sentence this way: THIS is your life, my focus plants me firmly in the present. This, what I’m experiencing right now is my life. It’s the only life I have. This present moment of now. I must live it completely—it’s gone in a flash.

When I put my emphasis on the second word, This IS your life, the meaning shifts somewhat—still in the present—but also pointing out the reality of what IS right now, the totality of my life at the present time IS my life. This is it. The unique combination of experiences, wisdom, and learnings has coalesced to become my life as I now know it.

Live Your Life

You know what’s coming next, This is YOUR life. Now the focus shifts somewhat, building on the first two focal points and adding the reality that the life I’m living is mine and mine alone. It’s uniquely me and uniquely mine to craft—consciously or subconsciously—in new directions. I can choose new experiences, learn new skills, take on new interests, or continue the status quo; it’s my life to do with as I please.

Finally, the accumulation of all the above, the fourth word, LIFE. This is your LIFE, subtly shifting focus to the finite, temporary nature of the experiences we call being alive. Life is finite, its duration unknown to me. This LIFE is what I own, and it’s really the only thing I own, even though I claim to own property, things, abilities, and even relationships. But when it’s over, it’s over, and all the stuff I thought I owned turns out to have been loaned to me.

This is Your Life, a Powerful Quote about Life

To me, the simple sentence, This is your life, reminds me that it’s mine to enjoy, to celebrate, to craft and re-create in any fashion I see fit, including all the good and bad experiences that make up what we call life. It’s mine, I own it, I choose it, and I’ve chosen everything about it, whether I am aware of this or not.

If I’m not happy with it, I can change it. If I am happy with it, I can do more of the same or seek even more avenues of experience. It’s mine. I own it.

This is, indeed, my life.

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