What Are Signature Strengths?

Source: What Do We Know about Signature Strengths?

What are your strengths?

It’s been some time since I’ve consciously focused on the topic of signature strengths. The article I source above reminded me how important they are.

What are signature strengths?

They’re your best assets, your best skills, your top characteristics. They’re what makes you, you. When other people who know you well think of you, they think of your strengths. Your strengths give you energy. When you use them you’re energetic, enthusiastic, competent, and happy. What’s not to like?

I first learned of signature strengths when reading Dr. Martin Seligman’s groundbreaking book, Authentic Happiness. Seligman is generally credited with being the spark behind Positive Psychology, the study of healthful, positive, happy lives. It’s still a good book worthy of reading and re-reading.

The Experts on Signature Strengths

If this is your first exposure to the topic of your core strengths, or you haven’t considered them for some time, I urge you to visit the VIA survey site and get acquainted with what makes you, you. I also suggest you read Authentic Happiness.

Another great source of strengths information is the work of another positive psychologist, Alex Linley, and his book The Strengths Book. Linley’s strengths research provides a broader, more comprehensive view of who you are and what makes you the unique human you are. I recommend reading both books and taking both surveys. When I first took Linley’s survey there was a small charge, while the VIA survey is free. Still, one can never have too much information about oneself, so take both.

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