80 Insights on Life

What is life all about?

What’s my purpose in life?

Who am I really?

I ask myself these questions and many, many more just like them. Such as, what makes me who I am? and can I change if I want to?

Maybe you ask these questions too. Most of us do.

My own development and how I fit in the world is a topic that fascinates and frustrates me. I make progress and then have a setback. Two steps forward, one back. I’m up, I’m down.

Attempting to answer these questions for myself, I’ve studied, read, reflected, and observed myself and others for many years.

Writing about the insights I’ve reached helps me understand more fully. Perhaps you’ll be interested, too.

I welcome your comments, questions, and criticisms on the following insights. Click the image.

Click to read more Insights>>>>

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