To Do Today: Identify a Blocking Fear

ToDoTodayWhat have you failed to accomplish, though you’ve worked on it, off and on, for a long time? Consider the possibility that fear has blocked your growth on this.

Ironic though it seems, we can fear success as well as failure.

Ask yourself these two questions: What are the positives when I succeed? What are the negatives when I succeed?

Example: I’ve been writing a book for several years, but have never felt it was ready to submit for publication. What fears might be blocking my progress?
Ask: What are the positives of success?

  • Finally complete it.
  • Potential income.
  • Potential readership and recognition.
  • Can truly call myself a published writer.

What are the negatives of success?

  • It receives poor reviews.
  • It doesn’t sell.
  • It’s well received and it sells well, but I can’t build on that success with subsequent books.
  • I’m a one-book wonder.

Overcome the Fear

Identifying and facing fears is just the starting point. Now it’s time to ask some additional questions for each identified fear:

So what? What happens if the fear materializes?

Can I live with it?

Courage is going forward in spite of fear. If  you can live with what might result then by all means go forward.

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