There Are No Coincidences

I love the way the Universe works. Time after time I find that some aspect of life I choose to write about is followed closely by the opportunity to experience that very thing.

Example: In the past few days I’ve read several blog posts about change and have commented about the only constant being change. I’ve also mused about my journey from resistance-to-change to resilience in the face of inevitable change.

Having “told” the Universe my position in dealing with change I received the “opportunity” to experience a fairly large change in my personal life. Nothing disastrous, but the fitness center I use and really love announced out of the blue that it’s closing.

My routines and friendships received a major jolt of change. Now I have the opportunity to experience the upside and downside of change. Coincidence? No way. It’s the way the Universe works.

Do  you ever experience this type of coincidence?

12 thoughts on “There Are No Coincidences

    1. Thanks for sharing your disagreement with my post. I understand completely. It can be very difficult to conclude that some bad event is something I somehow caused. What it comes down to for me though is that if I can see how I caused something good to come along, then the bad things that come along must also be my creation. This doesn’t help me erase the bad event, but it does help me move forward from it. Make sense? It does to me, but that’s just me.


  1. Change is a natural part of life and I agree that there are no coincidences. Change will come to each of us when the time is right for our person. There are always good reasons for the changes we experience =)

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  2. Hi Jerry, I totally agree with you. There are no such things as coincidences. I see these synchronicities in my life all the time. I also agree that change is the only constant. Even when you think you’re not changing, you are.


  3. Yes, I too agree with you. I would perhaps go a little further and say there are no ‘good’ things or ‘bad’ things – there are just ‘things’. Some appeal to us; some, often for pretty obvious reasons, don’t. The wisdom lies in accepting whatever comes along, for what it is, whether it appeals or doesn’t. If you don’t accept it for what it is, the most you can do is moan about it. Accept it, then you can deal with it – which is what the life, the universe etc. is asking you to do. Then from it you learn.

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