To Do Today: 24 Hour Challenge

ToDoTodayMy last “To Do Today” post encouraged you to be aware of your self-talk. When you talk to yourself (we all do, thousands of times each day), what do you say?

Are you positive, supportive, and encouraging?

Or are you negative, dismissive, hurtfully critical, and diminishing?

Today let’s take this one step further. I challenge you to avoid all negative talk for twenty-four hours. Not just self-talk, all talk. No more back-biting, no more gossiping, no demeaning, diminishing name-calling, and no more snide remarks.

Say something positive or remain silent. If you want to point out a problem, point out the facts and offer a solution.

For twenty-four hours, no negative talk. Yes, it may be hard, but do it for a full day and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how you feel about yourself.

Please comment below. Did you do it? What did you learn, whether or not you succeeded for twenty-four hours? How hard was it?

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