To Do Today: Check Your Integrity

ToDoTodayHow’s your integrity rating? Do  you keep your word? Not most of the time, but all of the time? Can friends, loved ones, and co-workers count on you to do what you say you’ll do?

Way too many people diminish their integrity and therefore diminish their trust-ability, if I may coin a word, by lightly valuing their words.

Are you an employer, manager, or leader in some aspect of your life? If you are, I hope those who look up to you organizationally can count on your words. Can they? Would they agree that you “walk your talk?”

Thanks to Danny, the productive and generous author of Dream Big, Dream Often for inspiring this To Do Today, reminding me how important integrity is to me.

Today, check your integrity rating with these questions:

  • Do you say what you do and do what you say?
  • Do you ALWAYS follow through on your commitments?
  • If you fail to follow through do you take the initiative to explain and apologize?
  • Do people sometimes roll their eyes when you describe your intentions?
  • Do you really mean what you say, always?
  • Do you walk your talk?


Is Your Word Your Bond: How Keeping Your Promises Impacts Your Life

Do What You Say


4 thoughts on “To Do Today: Check Your Integrity

    1. That’s a great observation. We let ourselves down all the time don’t we? Putting others first, when we deserve the same consideration we give anyone we care about.
      Thanks for that thought.


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