I’ve Joined the Strength Challenge

I’ve joined the Strength Challenge and encourage you to do the same. This strength challenge doesn’t involve barbells and lunges. It’s a renewing focus on personal strengths.

Can you be happier and more productive by spending just eleven minutes a day on a strengths activity? McQuaid has used this approach with workshops and has found enough success to write about it on the Positive Psychology Today Newsletter. I encourage you to read her article; see the link under sources. Signing up for the challenge will also include taking you to the VIA Character Strengths website, a positive psychology site including many free assessments as well as the strengths assessment.

If you prefer to just explore your strengths without taking the one week challenge you can click the second link under sources. The advantage of joining the challenge is a large supporting contingent to encourage, support, and help with issues.

I’ve personally experienced the value of building on my personal strengths rather than grinding away to improve my weaknesses. Research shows using our strengths makes us happier, more productive, more creative, and we produce higher quality work to boot.

It was easy to join up. A couple of clicks and no request for a credit card.

I encourage you to read her article, “Could You Be Happier In Just 11 Minutes? The Strength Challenge” and join me next week, February 8 through 12 for a fun week of insight and strength building.

There’s no cost, no credit card required. Just a willingness to get to know yourself a bit better and explore whether eleven minutes a day spent on cultivating a strength can be fun, informative, and enlightening.

If  you’ve never taken a strengths assessment you’ll find this energizing and insight-sparking. Even if you’ve been well aware of your strengths, perhaps this will reinforce and stimulate even greater use of your strengths and take you to a new level of self-understanding and life fulfillment. There’s nothing to lose but eleven minutes a day for one week.


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