Strengths Challenge Day 5: Deep Thoughts

The Strengths Challenge has reinforced my focus on my personal strengths, which in turn has stimulated lots of thoughts and insights about my life and life in general. Follow along and you’ll get an idea of what I’ve been thinking.

Deep Thoughts and Insights

Who am I and why am I here? The two toughest questions you’ll ever ask yourself, the answers to which are the key to a satisfying life.

If you’re not actively inquiring into who you are, today’s the day to get started. Take the VIA Survey. It won’t answer the questions, but it will get you started.

Life Purpose: Everyone has a purpose in life. It’s not what  you do for a living. It’s not your role in life as a parent. It’s not what you do – It’s who you are.

Life Purpose is not what you do, but you experience your purpose through the things  you do.

It’s through our relationships that we truly understand and experience who we are.

Listen to your discussions with your spouse or significant other. Listen carefully. If the underlying theme is contempt the relationship won’t last.

Relationships with more positive interactions than negative interacts are the ones that last.

Why did you love him/her in the early times of your relationship? He/she is the same person.

Annoyance with another person is often more about  you than about them. You might be angry at yourself, triggered by seeing a behavior in another that you dislike about yourself.

Every life is precious. Every life.

Be the change  you want to see in the world.

Watch your self-talk. How you talk to yourself is the beginning of your future.

Act as if every thought, every word spoken, and every deed is the start of a chapter you write about yourself in the book of your life.

Fear can block your progress. Fear of failure, fear of humiliation, fear of rejection. You might fail, but you might succeed. If you fail to try, you fail to accomplish.

What’s the worst that can happen? Can you live with it? Then go forward.

Be grateful. Each night before sleep, think of three things for which you are grateful. You’ll sleep better and will awake looking forward to more gratitude.

Everyone is doing their best, all the time. Crazy as it might sound, it’s true. The wild behaviors you see might not be the best that person can be, but it’s the best they can be at this time. Be compassionate. You and I are not always in top form either.

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