THINK Before Speaking, Texting, Replying

think_3174731653_5f65337dd9_zWe’ve all done this, uttered ugly words we were thinking, then wished in panic we could take them back. “I was just kidding,” is about the best we can come up with in feeble attempts to cover up our actual words, but that doesn’t fool anyone. Words once spoken can never be taken back.

In today’s social media world our blurted-out criticisms and judgments are forever visible, testimony to our poor judgments and rude reactions. We know we should think about our responses before releasing them, but it’s oh so easy to just fire off a volley of first thoughts.

THINK, a program popular in schools can be a good reminder for assessing a response before it’s uttered. Is a response True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, and Kind? If a response meets all five criteria, True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, and Kind, even if it objects or disagrees in nature, it is a response worthy of being uttered/texted. And it has the best chance of being heard and considered.


  • Image courtesy Flicker user F  Delventhal, CC Attr. Lic.
  • Thanks to Jen P. for info on the THINK program

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