About 80 Insights

What is life all about?

What’s my purpose in life?

Who am I really?

I ask myself these questions and many, many more just like them. Such as, what makes me who I am? and can I change if I want to?

Maybe you ask these questions too. Most of us do.

My own development and how I fit in the world is a topic that fascinates and frustrates me. I make progress and then have a setback. Two steps forward, one back. I’m up, I’m down.

Attempting to answer these questions for myself, I’ve studied, read, reflected, and observed myself and others for many years.

Writing about the insights I’ve reached helps me understand more fully. Perhaps you’ll be interested, too.

Jerry Lopper
Jerry Lopper

Here at my new home at 80 Insights I’ll write about the insights I’ve reached into my own life development, interesting findings from Positive Psychology research, and other miscellaneous topics of interest to those who think about who they are, why they’re alive, and what they want to make of their lives.

This site may be of interest to mature people who seek meaning, fulfillment, purpose, and the satisfaction of conscious and purposeful personal growth.

Who am I to write about such an important topic?

  • Several years as Personal Development Feature Writer and Topic Editor at Suite101.com.
  • More than 30 years of business and industry experience working with and leading people.
  • More than 10 years coaching people.
  • Personal Growth Coach.
  • Life Purpose author.
  • Coach training by MentorCoach.
  • A lifetime on my own purposeful growth path.

I welcome your comments, questions, and criticisms.

8 thoughts on “About 80 Insights

    1. Thanks for your insightful comment. Life is an interesting journey, one we all take with varying degrees of seeking. I wish you a great journey as you move along the path of self-discovery. Thanks for reading some of my posts. I’m glad you liked them and welcome your comments, especially those that challenge my thoughts. That’s how I learn.


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