Books by Jerry Lopper

These books by Jerry Lopper address the fundamentals of personal growth:

  • Life Purpose
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Planning Your Development
  • Finding Greater Happiness, and much, much, more

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Following is a brief summary of each book including a link should you choose to explore it further and/or purchase.

What Is Life All About?

Do you ever ask this question: What is life all about?

What is Life All About?I have and you probably have too. I believe life is all about finding your life purpose and living it.  The experiences of life we go through on the journey through life, culminating at some point in the clarity of living our purpose for being, is what life is all about.

Though I can’t possibly know the purpose of your life, my book lays out twelve straightforward paths—options if you will—that can help you on your personal journey of purpose. What is Life all About? How do I Find my Purpose? identifies the benefits of finding purpose, describes the importance of making the distinction between what you do and who you are, and shows you a fail-safe, always-true indicator that will help you align with purpose and stay there.

With examples and exercises for each of the twelve paths to purpose, along with references and other resources to help you on your journey, this book is sure to provide the firm foundation of life purpose that makes life so worthwhile.

Reader Reviews for What Is Life All About? a 4.6 star rated book

“This book has brought the clarity to the questions that I was seeking and I couldn’t thank Jerry Lopper enough for this! I would “Highly” recommend this self help book to everyone who is searching for more clarity about themselves and so much more!” ~Holly

“With activities including free writing, imagining life without set-backs, and talking to others, the book invites the reader to envision new possibilities. Lopper’s encouraging tone and engaging ideas makes readers comfortable with following the advice and completing the activities within.” ~Michelle

“I like the distinction he makes between being and doing, to quote: ‘Life purpose is fulfilled by who we are being and it is experienced by what we are doing at the time.'” ~Nancy

Your copy of  What is Life All About? How Do I Find My Purpose? is available now at Amazon in both eBook and paperback versions (different cover, same content).

Sample Personal Development Plan and Workbook

Do you have a plan for your own growth and development?

Sample Personal Development PlanWith this sample plan guiding your personal growth you’ll have a structure to follow that builds a solid foundation for growth. A brief self-assessment points out specific areas for focus, so you can either follow the suggested progression of modules or pick and choose from among the sixteen areas of proven personal growth.

If you’re serious about your personal growth and development, you’ll recognize the value of planning your growth rather than jumping among the latest hot topics of self-help. The sixteen areas for growth in The Sample Personal Development Plan and Workbook are chosen from the latest positive psychology research studies and are validated components of well-being.

Reader Feedback for Sample Personal Development Plan, a 4.6 star book

“Beginning with a personal questionnaire to help readers define which areas of life need improvement, the workbook helps readers properly focus from the onset. The book is structured on eighteen modules, each one defining a different aspect of life – an area of potential improvement – and offering practical advice.” M. Wright

“Success in relationships, time management, goal setting, overcoming one’s fears, developing a life purpose, living in the moment, the importance of yoga… all of these and several more areas of self-help and personal development are covered in Jerry Lopper’s manual.” ~R. Cunliffe

Your copy of Sample Personal Development Plan  is ready now at Amazon.

5 Keys to Balancing Work and Life

Are you feeling overwhelmed and out of balance?

BalancedLifeCover.jpgMillions are struggling to get an appropriate balance between work and home-life. Getting your life back in balance will require deep and honest self-reflection – asking and answering some important, but difficult questions. This book will guide you through the process of genuinely getting to know yourself. The resulting self-understanding is the foundation for a balanced, fulfilling life. Start your journey now and Get Your Life Back in Balance.

Life’s journey can be fulfilling and satisfying. You can wake up each morning excited to start your day. It is possible to go to bed at night feeling today was a good day. If that’s what you’re looking for in your life, it’s time to build a stronger fundamental foundation for your life.

Reader Testimonials for 5 Keys to Balancing Work and Life, a 4.5 star book

“Jerry Lopper’s 5 keys to Balancing Work and Life is a valuable reference work for anyone finding their life to be either disordered or lacking in direction. For those of us who are dissatisfied with our lives, who perhaps feel a sense of aimlessness and drift, Lopper’s book will help us attain structure, contentment and a sense of purpose.” ~Richard C.

“5 Keys to Balancing Work and Life is encouraging in that it emphasizes that it is not what you do, but who you are that counts.” ~Michelle W.

Get your life in balance now with 5 Keys to Balancing Work and Life.

Jump for Joy: Clearing the hurdles to an easy life

Discover the joy of looking at life differently, and finding that it isn’t such a struggle after all.

jump4cloudcoverFor many of us, life seems a constant struggle: overwhelming demands leaving us with too little time, money, love, fun, and fulfillment. Jump for Joy is your personal guide to an easier life, with helpful examples and exercises helping you apply each idea to your own unique life situation.

Learn the ten common hurdles in your path to an easier life and the ways you can clear these hurdles like an Olympic hurdler at a high school track meet!

Jump for Joy is available in eBook or paperback format.

Personal Development 40 Best Articles

We change day-by-day whether we know it or not. Why not choose?

PD40BestCoverThis book is about conscious change. Change is a given, we’re changing all the time even when we resist mightily. If we’re going to change anyway, why not approach change consciously and use the process to become the best we can be.

Included are forty of my most popular articles on intentional change: Learn the best goal setting practices; Tips for cheering up when you’re blue; How to reap the benefits of a positive attitude; Keeping your mind strong as you age, and much, much more.

Reader Review of Personal Development 40 Best Articles

“This book is a must read for anyone seeking an improved outlook on life. Jerry offers no pie-in-the-sky theories, just down-to-earth guidance for defining and creating a happy life. Start attaining your goals right now – read this book.” ~ Brenda


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