Complimentary Book by Jon Gordon

Jon Gordon is an excellent author and motivational speaker. He’s all about positive action, with a focus on┬áteams at work, home, and community. I haven’t read the book he’s offering as an incentive to sign up for his Power of Positive Summit, but the book’s free, the summit is free, and I see no downside to taking advantage of the offer. I’ve been receiving his newsletter for years, so I feel comfortable recommending you consider taking this offer. Get a complimentary copy of THE SHARK AND THE GOLDFISH from Jon Gordon. Continue reading Complimentary Book by Jon Gordon

I’ve Joined the Strength Challenge

I’ve joined the Strength Challenge and encourage you to do the same.┬áThis strength challenge doesn’t involve barbells and lunges. It’s a renewing focus on personal strengths. Can you be happier and more productive by spending just eleven minutes a day on a strengths activity? McQuaid has used this approach with workshops and has found enough success to write about it on the Positive Psychology Today Newsletter. I encourage you to read her article; see the link under sources. Signing up for the challenge will also include taking you to the VIA Character Strengths website, a positive psychology site including many … Continue reading I’ve Joined the Strength Challenge